Synthetic Elevator Bucket Belt

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Synthetic elevator bucket belt. We delivered synthetic bucket elevator belts, which are made from high quality materials. Synthetic  Bucket Elevator belts are widely used in various processing industries. These products are mainly used for vertical  and horizontal applications to lift material. We are specialist in manufacturing of best quality elevator belts. 

The great advantages of our elevator belts are its life strength and life is more than compare to other belts.

Applications of Bucket Elevator Belts :

Mineral processing plants, Timber industry and sawmills, Pulses Mills, Flour Mills, Sugar Mills, Rice Mills, Salt mines, Ship loading and unloading , Foundries and Waste treatment plant

      Features of our MaxFlexx synthetic belts are

  • Our Synthetic belts are known for their high tensile strength , wear & tear resistance and durability.
  • Due to Very light in weight, which helps in reduced power expenses, so needs only low horse power.
  •  MaxFlexx belts are water resistant, oil resistant and even crude oil doesn’t affects it.
  •  MaxFlexx belts can withstand temp of 100° – 140°C
  • With use of MaxFlexx belts, you can avoid small particles of rubber which generally gets mixed up with rice during the process.
  •  MaxFlexx belt does not have ply separation complaints which generally happens with other brands available in market.
  • Negligible elongation will be noticed in Max Flexx belts
  • Boiling water does not affect MaxFlexx belts therefore much in demand for dryers of rice mills.
  •  Max Flexx belts are available in  three, four, five, six and seven piles up-to a length of 160 mtrs approx.

Standard sizes for MaxFlexx  White Synthetic
Elevator Belt are 75mm{3”} upto 400mm{16”} in 3Ply, 4Ply, 5Ply, 6Ply, 7Ply.


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